How To Play JetX Demo?

To start playing the famous crash game, you need to do a few things:


Step 1

Find JetX in the range of entertainment;

jetx register

Step 2

Click on the game logo to enter;

jetx demo

Step 3

Choose a betting amount ;

jetx demo

Step 4

Click on “Place your bet”.

jetx demo

All that remains is to follow the course of the round and take your winnings in time.

Advantages Of Playing The JetX Free

advantages demo

Many users before making their first deposits and making real bets prefer not to risk and play on a demo account. Thanks to the fact that the game JetX gives such an opportunity it adds several advantages:

  • Trying out strategies. Since the game is quite variable, it is possible to make bets using different strategies. For example, with small risks, medium and maximum. To try out a particular technique do not have to spend real money, any of your own strategies can be tested for free;
  • Savings. A demo version is a great way to save money if you are not familiar with the game. Since you can not be sure whether you like it or not, before making real bets you can simply go into free mode;
  • The opportunity to pass the time. Also, if you just want to try your luck without risk, this mode is perfect for just having fun.

These are just some of the benefits that players will get thanks to the free-play feature.

How To Download JetX Demo App?

It takes almost no effort to download and install the JetX app on your iOS or Android smartphone:


Go to Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile device;


Find your casino app by using the name;


Download and install it.

Once complete, all that’s left to do is log into your casino account and find the crash game you want.

JetX Demo Features

jetx demo

Entertainment from Smartsoft Gaming also has many features that set it apart from other games and that have made it such a wide audience of users so quickly. Here are the most basic of these features:

Auto modeThis feature allows the player to enter the bet amount, select a certain coefficient, and with each round flying up to a set height, the game will automatically pick up the prize. At the same time, you can still click and at any second to do it manually. This feature simplifies gameplay, especially when playing at low risk.
Double BetsPlayers can double their winnings each round thanks to the doubling feature. It is also great for combining different strategies, as you can play small and medium bets simultaneously, thus multiplying the odds.
OddsBecause the odds in the game can go over 100, in a single round, any player has a chance to instantly multiply their bet by 100 times. 

Typically, these features are highlighted by most users when writing reviews about the game.

Demo Versions Of The JetX Game

The presence of a demo version depends on the specific casino in which it is located, here are the most popular representatives, which have this feature included:

Bookmaker Demo mode available
Hollywoodbets JetXyes
JetX Pin-Upyes
JetX CBetyes
JetX 1xBetyes
JetX Parimatchyes

Going to any of these bookmakers, you can try the possibility of free bets.


Is JetX Legal?

Yes, of course, the providers have all the necessary licenses and permit to conduct such activities, as well as not the first year working in the market, so experienced players have long been convinced of their reliability and honesty.

What Do I Need To Play The Demo?

To play JetX for free, you just need to choose a bookmaker where this function is available, go to its official website or download the app, find the game, and make a bet. Then, you will only have to watch the course of the round.

How Big Is The RTP?

The RTP at play JetX is much higher than average, as it is 96%. This means that most of the bets that players risk are returned to themselves in the end. Almost no other slots and other games have such high rates.

Is It Possible To Hack JetX?

Game providers use a random number generation system at their core, so no one can hack it or know the outcome of the rounds. So at this point, there is no official evidence that anyone has been able to do this.

How Fair Is The Game?

All players are on equal footing since no one knows what odds the plane will reach. You can also look at the leaderboard and statistics and see how big the winnings are for the users.