What is the benefit of using strategies in the game JetX?

Each strategy is good in its way and uses the best. Their advantages are that they allow you to reduce the loss of bets in this game and it is a great bonus. In addition, the game is played according to a specific plan rather than in a chaotic manner. The advantages, as well as disadvantages of strategies, can be found in the game JetX:

Give the user an understanding of how to act in the game and how to bet

Allow you to reduce losses in bets

There is a chance to get a good win with minimal investment

Give exciting gameplay

Ease of use

No matter which user chooses a popular and minimal risk, still sometimes you have to lose

Best strategies for playing JetX

best strategies

This game has a random number generator, and it also has Jetx game tricks. It is quite unpredictable, so there is no definite strategy that guarantees a 100% win in a round. However, some allow you to lead the user to win. You can see the best of them now in the text below.


The Martingale system is a popular JetX strategy. Gambling enthusiasts of several decades use it. Everything starts with the minimum amount, and if a loss occurs, the amount is doubled. Such actions are repeated until winnings. Then it is recommended after winning to return to the original amount of the bet and thereby the previous costs will return. After a series of winnings, it is possible to withdraw funds and an application for withdrawal is made. It is also important to pass verification in the office. 

Playing with average odds

This model is the most profitable. The player will need to fix the winnings at a multiplier of 1.50 to 2.00. Here the risks and returns are about the same. The tactic is similar to the low multiplier game. The player needs to make fixed amounts of bets per round. Less passability is required with a higher multiplier.

Low multiplier games

This method involves fixing the winnings when flying at a low altitude. Some users put the automatic withdrawal mode at odds of x1.35, while others withdraw money at x1.1 or lower. Some people like to play at odds around x1.50.  

Such tactics are characteristic of beginners and for them, it is the most profitable. It is important to remember that the long duration of the round carries a risk of crashing. Therefore, it is more reliable to bet on small odds. This strategy JetX is difficult to call profitable because it requires a high passability. It is recommended to bet a fixed amount. 

With round insurance

Here for a round, it is necessary to make 2 bets. First, make an auto draw at odds of 1.50 or less and a multiplier of 2.00 for the second bet. Here the winnings will be possible in case the plane flies far away. But it is possible to lose money very fast. 

Tips on how to win JetX?

There are some JetX tips, but you should be aware of the fact that they are not 100% winning. With them, you will be playing purposefully, not chaotically. So, here are 3 tips for winning:

  • On a low multiplier place large bets and on a high multiplier place small bets. With a high probability of winning a small multiplier bet, even if the high multiplier bet will not play. Because of the small multiplier, there will be compensation for loss and you will not lose anything;
  • Withdraw your money quickly. Betting good amounts, and withdrawing quickly with low multipliers is the key to the success of this tip; 

Applying the Martingale. Try to start with a small amount of bets and double it every time you lose.

How to play JetX?

In this game, the user makes one or more bets, trying to predict the fall of the plane. A long flight means a large multiplier. The plane can fall at any time, including at a multiplier of 1.01, but also take off at 100+. It’s important to cash out before the plane falls. To play the game you will need:


Step 1

Specify the size of the bet;


Step 2

Click on the button “Make bet”;


Step 3

Click on “Cancel” before the plane falls.

How to choose a game strategy?

It is best in the game JetX to choose from popular. It is recommended to use the one that allows you to save money and though not fast, increase the balance.


What strategy is better to follow?

You should choose the one that can save money and slowly increase the balance.

Which are the most popular strategies at Malawi JetX?

Some of the most popular strategies are Martingale, Low multiplier games, Playing with average odds, With round insurance.

Which strategy is the safest?

Low multiplier games are pretty safe because there the multipliers used are 1.01 -1.35, sometimes up to 1.5.

What is the advantage of using strategies in the game JetX?

They allow you to reduce your betting losses and players bet consciously, that is, according to a certain plan, rather than in a chaotic manner.

What are the disadvantages of the strategies?

Whichever one you choose, no one will win 100% of the round – that is the disadvantage.